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Experience our town from nature's point of view

The town of Massey Drive is in very close proximity to some of Newfoundland's scenic snowmobile trails.

While you are here, take advantage of incredible scenery, golf and skiing.

Find a variety of accommodations very close by. Choose from bed & breakfast inns, campgrounds, hotels and more.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to Massey Drive.

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We encourage you to share your photos of our incredible area.. Email us your full-size photos..

Snow Clearing Regulations

We continue to experience problems with snow being placed within the road reserves around town. Plowing or blowing snow from driveways across the street directly into the snow bank created by the town's equipment or onto the snowbank directly in front of your property is not permitted. It causes excessive and premature narrowing of the road in that area, creates a safety hazard for traffic and pedestrians, and results in additional snow being picked up by the plow and deposited in the next driveway along that street. Residents are advised that placing snow within the road reserve in any manner is a violation of the Town of Massey Drive Snow Clearing Regulations.

We also continue to have problems with vehicles parked on the roads impeding the progress of snowclearing equipment in violation of the town's regulations. To view the regulations click here

Earlier in the fall we distributed a list of Snow Clearing FAQ's for your convenience, to help residents better understand the issues and regulations. You can read the FAQ's again by clicking on the link above.  

Posted: Jan 4, 2018 3:39 pm NFLD