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The long awaited, much anticipated, and somewhat overdue repaving of the main road is scheduled to begin in the next few days.

Milling of the existing top layer and prep work is expected to begin of Friday June 17. During this particular process residents can expect traffic delays while crews are working in the area. Please obey traffic control personnel and reduce speed while travelling through the construction zone.

The paving portion of the project is expected to begin on Monday or Tuesday. During this period the steeper section of road from the Prince Charles intersection to just beyond the fire hall will be closed to traffic until the pavement is placed and has sufficient time to cool before allowing vehicular traffic on the fresh surface. Residents living within the closed zone, school buses, and emergency vehicles will be permitted access, however, residents leaving or accessing areas outside the work zone will have to use the access road at the eastern end of town. We hope to be able to complete this section of the project in one day in order to minimize the disruption and inconvenience to traffic flow.

We would also like to advise residents that due to the nature of the project tack coat/fresh tar will be applied immediately before resurfacing of all areas. Where possible we recommend residents avoid passing through the area or otherwise reduce speed significantly to avoid splashing tar onto their vehicles.