We would like to bring to the attention of residents some issues that are causing problems for snow clearing operations as well as for other residents. These issues have been a concern in the past as well, as we have noted in previous posts. However despite our efforts to have them corrected they are increasing in frequency.

There are two areas in particular that have been a concern so far this year that we would like to draw attention to:

– On street parking impeding snow clearing has been a problem. The RCMP have already issued numerous tickets and will continue to do so if it continues to be a problem. The town’s snow clearing regulations are in effect from November 1 to April 30 of the succeeding year. During that period on street parking is not permitted between the hours of midnight and 10 AM or any time during a heavy snow fall or for 12 hours after. Residents moving their vehicles onto the road in order to clear their driveways is acceptable but are expected to move their vehicle to allow the plow to pass.

– Plows on ATVs and pickup trucks plowing snow onto the sidewalk at the edge of driveways, and directly across the road onto the snowbank on the opposite side is also a problem. Pushing or placing in any way snow onto a road reserve which includes the sidewalk, as well as around fire hydrants, is a violation of the town’s snow clearing regulations. Pushing or scooping snow across the street or in front of the existing snow bank on the side of the road is in fact on the road and not permitted. It poses a safety hazard to both motorists and pedestrians and results in the plow depositing additional snow in the next driveway along the street. Residents using equipment such as plows to push snow should ensure that the snow is placed on their property and not on the roadway or sidewalk.